"This is how we know what love is, that Christ laid down His life for us, so we too should lay down our lives for others." 1 John 3:16

Monday, September 27, 2010

Crazy Love

Week two of school...DONE!

Cierra and I are just beginning to feel settled in and school is rocking our faces off in the best possible way.

There is no possible way to capture what we are experiencing through writing but I will try.

Our school is so outside the box, we are still trying to figure it out ourselves.  We usually have about an hour or so of worship every day and then slip into the most amazing teaching I have ever heard.  Bethel values the presence of God above everything else.  If they sense that God wants to do something throughout the student body then we end up following the Spirit to whatever end He takes us.  Often times worship ends with people laying hands on each other and asking God for breakthrough and declaring His love and goodness.

God made us to experience His love and goodness.  Joy is a byproduct of freedom.  We were created to laugh merely at the thought of the goodness of God.  One of the greatest weapons of spiritual warfare is Joy...wow!

Every friday finds us in our Revival Group of about 65 people (as opposed to the 800 students we are surrounded by the rest of the week) exploring the practical application of what our hearts have been learning.  By the end of our very first Revival Group half of us were on the floor, rolling in laughter with pockets of people prophesying over each other.  When you are full of love, there is no fear.

The biggest part of our learning takes place away from class...its completely counter-institutional!  There is no such thing as just doing your studying and reading to get on with the rest of the day.  We are learning as a couple and as a house how to bring the presence of God with us wherever we go.  It's good to be able to pray together, laugh and discuss all the new things that are going on in school.  God has already touched our hearts in a deep way through different encounters with His Glory!

Pray for that God would give us amazing jobs that pay us way too much!

We have dwindling funds and no income to speak of for the moment.

So far we have received one gift in the mail and we are encouraged by how much God really is in control.

Cierra and I were able to pray for a man from southern Oregon who was visiting Bethel Church at their friday night service and see his back and ribs almost completely healed!  He was no longer able to feel the pain that had plagued him for years and had gained mobility in his back.  We are contending that it will be a solid 100% soon!

God is crazy about us and just has the wildest, amazing thoughts about us.    

Friday, September 10, 2010

He has clothed me with righteousness

Isaiah 61:10 (New King James Version)

10 I will greatly rejoice in the LORD,
      My soul shall be joyful in my God;
      For He has clothed me with the garments of salvation,
      He has covered me with the robe of righteousness,
      As a bridegroom decks 
himself with ornaments,
      And as a bride adorns 
herself with her jewels. 

Since being here, I have felt a bit antsy, and for a few days almost a bit irritated. I noticed myself feeling and acting that way and went to the Lord about it. I knew there was a lie that I was believing that the enemy was trying to get me to believe. Alone, I asked Papa God (He's my Father, and I like to call Him Papa :) ) If there was a lie that I was believing. I didn't hear an answer. I asked again. No answer. Then I asked if there was something in between Him and I. "Yes." I heard clearly. "What is it?" I asked. He then showed me clothes in front of me (super cute ones, I might add) blocking my view from Papa. I desire for nothing to be in between God and I, especially after experiencing such closeness and freedom in His presence. At the moment I wasn't sure exactly what the wall of clothes meant, but I had a feeling in my gut that it was a right representation of whatever was going on inside. "Jesus, will you help me tear down this wall?" Immediately the wall of clothes tore down in front of me and I froze. My heart felt naked and then I started to feel tingles run down from my head to my toes and I started to cry. "What do you have for me instead Papa?" I asked feeling helpless. He then took me and began dressing me with new clothes and accessories that He had for me. Everything He put on me was beautiful and had almost a glow to them. As he put on each piece of clothing He proclaimed what He was adorning me with..."Righteousness... Peace... Patience... Kindness... Strength... The Father's glory... Beauty... Love...

I realized that I was letting insecurity and fear set in. When I went to the Father, He gave me an encounter with Him! He is so amazingly sweet and kind. As a friend recently said in an email she sent, 

"He longs for us to run to His arms, to spill out our pain, and there is ALWAYS healing in His words.DO NOT FEAR that HE is weary of your coming to Him. There is healing just in being in His presence, He will speak words of comfort over you... Bring your pain." 

It isn't worth holding onto pride, fear, pain or hurt. Give it to Jesus! I promise, He won't let you down. Let Him clothe you...


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Settling in

We are SO blessed!
I can hardly believe we are here in Redding already. Everything seemed to fly by.  We are living with 2 other couples in a townhouse with 2 cats and a dog... i know, it sounds crazy. It is actually working quite well. As couples, I think we compliment each other well. One couple is from Holland (or The Netherlands). Their names are Ton (pronounced tone) and Rianne. Rianne loves to cook, and she is absolutely wonderful at it. She has made up a bunch of stuff already for us to eat, and our bellies have been more than satisfied. Then there is Brad and Stephanie from Michigan! They are an awesome couple with fiery passion for God! They have their dog, Kipper who is a super cute vizsla. Kipper is a good dog who is unfortunately allergic to mostly everything, including cats and human dander. His allergic reactions have gotten worse since being here. Since none of us have jobs yet, we can't really spend any extra money. Extra vet trips are hard to afford. So if you think about him, please pray for lil Kip's healing.

Jason and I are looking for jobs, and hopefully will get them before school starts next week. I can't believe school starts NEXT WEEK!! Since arriving here, I feel like I am just waiting for school to start already. Bethel, the church we are going to, has weekend services that we will be attending. We have already been to 3 services. It is really exciting to be with such a large group of people that are passionately seeking Jesus.   We already feel God moving in us and challenging us, and school hasn't even begun!

  • Please pray for Jason and I as we set an example of Christ's love through our marriage. 
  • Pray that we not allow the enemy to get a foothold. 
  • Pray for jobs and finances!