"This is how we know what love is, that Christ laid down His life for us, so we too should lay down our lives for others." 1 John 3:16

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Beauty of the Mundane and the Miraculous continued..

The Mundane:
Today I have no work and tomorrow is looking the same. The kittens are growing like little weeds. We have no money. Cierra is a super star of a hot wife who works long hard hours at an amazing job that God has blessed her with. HEAT WAVE! Peter gave us a fan, so now we can actually get cooled off from the pool of sweat that we sleep in most nights.

The Miraculous:
Yesterday i prayed with my co-worker to receive Jesus into his heart! Life change is awesome!

Day before last I wing-manned an inner healing Sozo session with Peter. Dude is now FREE! FREE! FREE! The old is gone and a new identity has taken it's place.


God has given me profound revelation into what is means by "freedom for the prisoners" and "release for the oppressed." Until this last week the only thing i could testify to and in turn realistically present to others was salvation from sin. A guarantee of eternal life with God through believing in the work of His son.

Now, i have my true identity!

With power and authority I am the son of a king, I have a destiny for greatness and a boldness from my inheritance.

Jesus died for our sins: *Check* (Justification)
Jesus conquered death: *Check* (Sanctification)

I grew up knowing about both justification and sanctification but had never experienced the life change of true sanctification.

The Holy Spirit has now closed the doors to the old and begun to give me a taste of the new! There is so much i have always know about but never experienced! God is too good for words more times than naught.


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