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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

fluff balls

One of the things that took quite a bit adjusting to when we first got to Redding was moving in our two cats, Zao and Bella in with our roommate's dog, Kipper. It was amusing at first, watching both of our cats in the crate hiss and growl at Kipper who seemed to almost drool looking at them through the crate's gated door. Poor Kip seemed so confused as it seemed like he wasn't sure if he wanted to chase them or eat them.

After a little over a month of carrying their crate up and down the stairs to get the animals used to each other, they are now finally able to co-exist together!! Hallelujah! Having their litter in our room got old really fast as well as carrying that huge crate up and down the stairs! Jason and I felt like we were carrying a little prince and princess on their coach. Yea. Hopefully never again. We love them, but not that much.

Here are our little cuties..

                                          Zao (We also call him The Fluff)


                                          When they were kittens

                                   One of their favorite spots at the top of the stairs

                                          Kipper and Bella on my lap :)

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