"This is how we know what love is, that Christ laid down His life for us, so we too should lay down our lives for others." 1 John 3:16

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Have You Ever Had a Sobering Thought? What About the Opposite?

It has been exciting this week getting back into the swing of things here in Redding as we dive into school and homework! This week has also been tough on us financially. I have been trying to set up massage appointments for some extra money ( I'm a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist in case you didn't know ;) )  and Jason has been keeping his eyes open for jobs. It has been hard to balance the "rest" that we feel God calling us to and the "responsibilities" of working.

We are in need of monthly support to help pay our bills and groceries. We have decided to stop driving our car and have downgraded our phone plan.    School is completely paid off and we just need a little more for our upcoming mission trip in March, $140 for me and $95 for Jason.  Praise God!  Just yesterday, friends handed us $60 in cash that covered the rest of our utilities for January.  We can easily survive on $800-$1000 a month.  We are open to your ideas and financial support.

Pride tells me to not ask for support at all, that God will provide no matter what I do.  Love compels me to be honest and vulnerable, relying on others.  Thank you!

Testimonies! (as shared by Jason)

This last Thursday we hit the streets for our weekly treasure hunt and got to see God touch peoples lives in amazing ways!

We stopped a guy and his wife about to go into a chinese restaurant and after praying for his newly replaced hip we saw his mobility go from a 10 (not very mobile but able to walk with a cain) to a 4!  He walked right in to get his food, holding his cain under his arm.  They were both encouraged and exclaimed how they felt special that we had stopped just for them.

After praying for a few other people we came across a young guy who asked us if we had any money...which is sorta funny considering the first part of this post!  I asked if we could pray for him and he exuberantly said YES!  He went on to explain that every time he closes his eyes he sees a pentagram, lifting up his sleeve he revealed a festering red scar where he cuts himself in worship to demons and he then shared with tears in his eyes that his little daughter was being molested by people in the house that he is staying in.  My heart broke for this young man and I was burning for love for him as we immediately began to minister to him.  The more we prayed the calmer he got but after only a few minutes he quickly excused himself to be able to catch the bus he was waiting for.  We watched him run off, knowing that God was not done with him, even if we were for that time.  God's love is jealous as the grave!

Have you ever had a sobering thought?  For me its often times finances or "the future" or something.

Have you ever had the opposite?  For me, its what Jesus did for me on the Cross! HA
I don't have to work for his love.  I don't have to try and do "things" for Him.  He gives me gifts to play with and joy to make me smile. Once I realize how God sees me,  holy, righteous, as royalty...then I stop acting like what I was before I met Jesus, a sinner.  HA ha.

Just last night we were invited to a "Jesus Party" at some house we had never been to before.  Needless to say we met some amazing people from Oregon and spent about 2 or 3 hours prophesying and ministering to a group of young people in town for JESUS CULTURE.  

I painted again last night while listening to Benjamin Dunn.  Check out his new album Circus of Love on iTunes! Or go to his website HERE.

Click HERE to donate! Love you guys!

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